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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wear Eyewear to be featured on ABC7 Chicago

First of all...thanks to everyone who helped make our first Groupon experience a success.  We were able to sell over 700 Groupons!  We have had a lot of positive feedback and have heard from many people who wish they would have been able to get the deal as well.  To all of are in luck!

This Thursday morning we will be featured on ABC7 Chicago as part of their new Daily Deal powered by Groupon.  There will be three short TV spots promoting the deal during the morning news, a spot on the frontpage of the ABC7 Chicago website, and an email sent out to all of their subscribers.  However, anyone can jump onto the ABC7 website and be connected directly to the deal.  It will be the same promotion that was recently run as our Groupon. the news this Thursday, check the ABC7 website, and get the deal....and tell all your friends that missed out about another opportunity to get this great Groupon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011